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Useful properties of the peach and significant points in its landing

The southern fruit of the peach, familiar from childhood, has a pleasant, expressive taste and great health benefits. The nutritional value of the peach, its mineral composition and the abundance of vitamins determine the distribution of this fruit and its widespread use in traditional medicine. What is useful contains peach Organic acids that have a positive effect on the state of digestion and metabolism.

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What is useful bark viburnum for the human body

Kalina ordinary - a plant familiar to us from childhood, which is common in the Northern Hemisphere, South America (the Andes) and even in Madagascar. For medicinal purposes, the bark of the tree, the leaves, the fruits and their bones are used. Today we will tell about the beneficial properties of the bark. Botanical description Bushes of red viburnum live about 50 years.

Izhevsk high-flying pigeons

Izhevsk high-flying pigeon can soar to such a height that, despite its large size, it will be practically invisible from the ground. But near this bird is striking in its beauty and grace. Consider the features of this breed and the rules of its content. Izhevsk high-flying pigeons Izhevsk high-flying pigeons are quite similar to their closest relatives - Permian-born pigeons.

Self-fertile varieties of plums. Planting and Care Rules

All varieties of plums can be divided into two types: those that are capable of self-pollination, and those that are pollinated from other varieties. There are much more advantages in samobzplednyh varieties, because they are able to bring much greater yields. And among the samobzplodnyh varieties are more common large fruits. But still, it is much easier to grow and care for self-bearing plums, which we will tell about.

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Relief from ailments - herb Verbena officinalis

Verbena officinalis - a unique plant that combines aesthetic appeal, unique healing properties and the possibility of use in cooking. The article will tell you what kind of healing properties the plant possesses, how to use it properly in various diseases. And also explain in detail how to harvest and store Verbena medicinal so as to preserve as much as possible all the useful elements of the plant.

Retaining wall in the area with a slope with his hands

There can be an interesting situation for making a decision - what to get for the organization of a summer house: an absolutely flat or sloping summer cottage. The first option is more familiar and simple. The second option is cheaper in execution, because areas with a rough surface are not so valued among novice summer residents, who are afraid of possible difficulties.

Growing yellow acacia at the dacha

The small foliage and yellow flowers of this plant are not at all impressive. However, gardeners, like a magnet, attracts its intoxicating aroma and practicality. In the garden it will take root on any site, cover even the most inconspicuous places and protect the territory. But the main advantage of a small shrub is its healing properties and early honey plant.

Preparing the box for the winter: shelter for the winter and proper care

Boxwood (buksus) - shrub, a native of southern countries. Despite this, he is able to withstand the winter frosts, if suitable conditions are created for his wintering. Not all types of boxwood are able to endure winter frosts. The most resistant to winter cold are Girkan, Colchis, Evergreen varieties. True, some botanists consider the first two varieties to be a kind of Evergreen Boxwood.

American guest - a variety of grapes "Alpha"

The Alfa grape variety is often confused with Isabella due to the external similarity of the clusters. However, these are two completely different varieties. Isabella grows in the southern regions, while Alpha is zoned in the middle climatic zone. This variety is often used by owners of private houses and summer cottages for landscaping, because of the uncovered varieties Alpha is one of the most tall and resistant to cold, along with Amethyst Novocherkassky.

How to make water from a well in a private house

One of the main elements of the improvement of a private house is water supply. Regardless of when the water supply system is being laid - at the stage of laying the foundation or during the overhaul of the building, the design phase must be approached with full responsibility. How to conduct a plumbing in the house, where to start and what materials to use, let's see.

Ideal conditions for keeping gardenia

Under natural conditions, gardenia lives in a tropical and subtropical climate. This is an evergreen shrub that grows to a half meter height. In the wild, it blooms in the summer-autumn period, the flowers are in the shape of a rose, large and very fragrant. Basic rules for the care of gardenia At home, gardenia is grown jasmine, shrub up to half a meter.

Eschinanthus: how to care for a tropical plant at home

Eschinantus (Aeschynanthus) - an evergreen decorative leaf tree, known to few fans of indoor plants. This rare perennial has a beautiful appearance: its long curly shoots are dressed in tough leaves and bloom in scarlet buds. The color of the inflorescences ranges from orange to maroon.

How to dry carrots at home

In winter, there are not so many fresh vegetables, and the price rises significantly. The way out in such a situation is to freeze, dry, or dry. In this article we will understand how to dry carrots at home. The advantages of the procurement method This method of harvesting the root has several significant advantages: you can choose a convenient drying option; does not take up much space; not necessary to store in the cold; saves most of the nutrients; always at hand; is an ingredient in many dishes; does not spoil for a long time due to lack of moisture.

Secrets of the successful cultivation of bouvardia at home

Mysterious plant originally from the American subtropics is becoming increasingly popular among flower lovers. The flower is often used in wedding bouquets and boutonnieres. There are many questions on the forums about the care and cultivation of bouvardia. In this article we have collected the most necessary information that will allow you to grow a beautiful bush with fragrant flowers on your own.